Let user send you a thought
and keep him in-touch.
Let your users send you a word
UserPower allows your users posting a feature request in a convenient form; then seeing other people supporting an idea and you developing it.

Make users see your project is developing!
Makes the user involved:
Easy to post an idea
Notification through all steps
Can be voted by other users
Request status is visible
All users see you really implement cool ideas
Leaves the user behind:
Feedback data goes somewhere
Request status is unknown
No visibility to other users
No effect on user loyalty
Everything for convenience
Collect user's feedback
Collect right on your website.
The widget is simple but powerful. It does not lead users away.
Manage feedback
Review, approve and comment.
Use your UserPowered account to store, find and process feedback.
Let your team work.
Assign managers, share duties and delegate the management.
Integrate easily
Integrate into any website.
UserPowered button is small and tidy. It won't break your site.

The basic Usage


After completing the set up, the UserPowered button appears on your website.

The appearance and position of the button can be customized.

Visitor clicks on the button, and he UserPowered widget appears

Widget shows existing feedback entries, categories and provides a handy user interface for the visitor


Visitor creates a new feedback entry.

This will be something related to the feedback categories you provided for the website.

The new feedback appears in your account, on Approval page.

You can quickly approve or deny the new entries. Also you see all new feedback comments.


All existing feedback entries can be found in your UserPowered account as well.

You can reply to feedback, categorize them and mark as solved.

(no card required)
  • Feedback widget
  • Feedback management interface
  • Feedback voting for users
  • 2 website
  • 3 categories per website
$3 per month
  • Customizable feedback widget
  • Feedback management interface
  • Feedback voting for user
  • 10 websites
  • Unlimited categories
  • Account managers
$22 per month
  • Customizable feedback widget
  • Feedback management interface
  • Adjustable feedback voting
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited categories
  • Account managers
  • White label

What's included
The best and feature-full feedback tool which is available for free
Always available for FREE
Free subscription plan is always available with 99% of features included.
Easy non-techy setup
No software setup required. Just copy/paste the widget code to your website page.
Live online support
E-mail and live chat support for everyone, even on a free subscription plan
Fully manageable
You have 100% control on which feedback/requests/comments are being displayed on your web pages.
Affordable prices
Our service has been designed to provide the ready-to-use service for an affordable price.
Effective Collaboration
Delegate or share control with your partners or staff. Let them help you without the risk of losing the data.
It is completely free. Free to start, try and use

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